Successful 2018 solo and quartet competition

Sunday 22nd April saw the 2018 WMBBA solo and quartet competition held at Studley, Warwickshire.

It was very successful day and the adjudicators Nigel Hall and Oliver Wilson commented on the high standard of playing throughout but particularly in the Junior Air Varie Sections.

For the first time we included a percussion section and 10 year old Xylophonist Alec Banner from Shipston drew thunderous applause. We also had our first French horn entry and Fran Thompson from Shirley Band had a very successful day winning two prizes.

Full Results:


Section A  8 and under Slow Melody

  1. Ben Angell (Cornet) Bilton Evolution
  2. Georgina Mair (Cornet) Bilton Evolution

Section B  9 10 and 11 Slow Melody

  1. Felicity Angell (Trombone) Bilton Evolution

2.Vicky Culshaw (Cornet) Arrow Valley

  1. Peter Coates (Cornet) Shipston

Section C 12 to 14 years Slow Melody

  1. Christopher Oddy (Cornet) Enderby
  2. Lucy Heeley (Cornet) Chapeltown

3.Ben Hone (Horn) Arrow Valley

Section D 15 to 18 years Slow Melody

  1. Grace Coates (Cornet) Shipston
  2. Luke Barker (Cornet) Shipston
  3. Tom Cowan (Euphonium) Bilton Evolution

Section E Adult Slow Melody

  1. Mike Pawson (Soprano) Avonbank
  2. Rob Thompson (Cornet) Shirley
  3. Kevin Short (Euphonium) Shirley

Section F  14 years and Under Air Varie

  1. Christopher Oddy (Cornet) Enderby
  2. Lucy Heeley (Cornet) Chapeltown
  3. Alec Banner (Cornet) Shipston

Section G 15 to 18 years Air Varie

  1. Luke Barker (Cornet) Shipston
  2. Grace Coates (Cornet) Shipston

Section H Adult Air Varie

  1. Fran Thompson (French Horn) Shirley
  2. Kevin Short (Euphonium) Shirley
  3. David Hirst (Cornet) Shirley

Section I 10 Years and Under Duets

  1. Tallula Matthews and Alec Banner (Cornets) Shipston
  2. Peter Coates and Rufus Gallagher (Cornet and Trombone) Shipston
  3. Ben Angell and Felicity Angell (Cornet and Trombone) Bilton Evolution

Section J Duets Under 15

  1. Vicki Culshaw and Isobel Reeves (Cornets) Arrow Valley

2.Imogen Angell and Felicity Angell (Trombones) Bilton Evolution

Section K Duets Under 19

  1. Luke Barker and Grace Coates (Cornets) Shipston

Section L Adult Duets

  1. Rob Thompson and Fran Thompson (Cornet and French Horn) Shirley
  2. Rob Thompson and Carwyn Evans (Cornet and Trombone) Shirley

Section M Hymn Tune Quartet Under 14

  1. WFB Comets

2 WFB Fame All Stars

  1. Shipston

Section N Quartet Under 19


 Section O Adult Quartets

  1. Shirley

2.Desford Chicks

  1. All That Brass

Section P Percussion Under 19

  1. Alec Banner (Xylophone) Shipston