2023 Solo Contest

26th March 2023 sees the return of the popular solo, duet and quartet contest.

This year, the contest is at the Kingsley School, Leamington Spa.

With many ages groups, this popular and friendly contest will be running in two of the halls during the day with official accompanists available.


Section A:  Slow Melody 8 and Under

Section B:  Slow Melody 9 to 11

Section C:  Slow Melody 12 to 14

Section D:  Slow Melody 15 to 18

Section E:  Slow Melody 19 plus

Section F:  Air Varie 14 and under

Section G:  Air Varie 15 to 18

Section H:  Air Varie 19 plus

Section I:   Duets Under 11

Section J:   Duets Under 15

Section K:  Duets Under 19

Section L:  Duets 19 plus

Section M: Quartet 14 and Under – 3 verses of a hymn tune

Section N: Quartet Under 19 any music

Section O: Open Quartet

Section P:  Percussion

Section Q:      Open Ensemble   5 – 12 players

The Entry Fees are as follows:

Individual Entries Solos:   £5.00

Duets:   £6.00 per pair

Quartets:   £9.00

Ensembles £12.00 ( to comprise 5 to 12 players)

We will offer a 10% discount to member bands.

Use of an accompanist:   £1.50 per piece.


the Kingsley School, Beauchamp Avenue, Leamington Spa. CV32 5RD

Return your completed entry form by email to: wmbba2021@gmail.com

For full details, rules and the entry form, see the files linked below: